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Letter From TWF President

Dear Friends of the Children of Baltimore City,

Welcome to our website. We hope it will make communications easier and more efficient, especially for those of you that are helping children.

As you drill down into the site, you will see there are three paths.  For many years, the Foundation funded basic pediatric research and study. Also on this side are medical services. In addition, the Foundation makes grants for social services, especially education and summer programs and camps. Choose one please.

The common thread is that each must be for the children of Baltimore City.  In the past the application process was paper based, both cumbersome and expensive.  It is our hope that this new process will allow you to spend your energy and talents more efficiently.

Deadline for submission is March 1st of each calendar year. Grants are awarded in May.

Please feel free to e-mail ( or call ((410) 360-9510) with questions, comments or suggestions.

And thank you for all the work you do.


Robert D. Hopkins

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